White Sage 5" Bundle, Hand-Rolled, Sustainably Grown – One Stick

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Sustainably Grown White Sage

Salty Shaman purchases our White Sage bundles directly from a farm in California that grows all of its plants sustainably. Salty Shaman does not sell wild-harvested White Sage because the plant is becoming scarce to the point of being endangered, which also impacts the local wildlife. Another reason we do not offer wild-harvested sage is because it can sometimes be contaminated with herbicides and pesticides as well as stolen from public lands. Our cultivated sage offers a safe, sustainable way to make this plant available to the growing demand for its sacred properties.

The sage plants we offer are allowed to reach full maturity, and then small sections are harvested without destroying the plants. The sage plants are allowed to recover before anymore harvesting takes place. 

White Sage is traditionally burned during rituals and ceremonies for spiritual protection. The smoke is believed to drive away negative energy. The smoke taking the negative energy to the heavens for purification. Click here for instructions on how to smudge.


Length: 5" inches length and 1 ¼" width

Quantity: 1 Sage Bundle/Stick

String color may vary. Abalone shell is NOT included.