Seer Stone – 1 Stone

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Seer stones, also known as Emma Eggs or River Stones, have a gentle energy. They have a frosted appearance on the outside except for the gleaming, polished window that lets you see into the soul of the stone, and it into you. You can choose from either a rose quartz or amethyst stone.

Amethyst Stone Meaning: Connect to your heart’s desires and life purpose with amethyst, and then manifest them! Use amethyst to boost the sympathetic nervous system, balance hormones, relieve headaches, ease neck tension and treating insomnia. Place amethyst under your pillow at night to sleep deeply and wake rested, ready to create and manifest.

Rose Quartz Meaning: A wonderful stone to invite in receiving and giving love. Rose quartz is all about the heart. Wear or carry rose quartz to open yourself up to finding love if you’re single, and to deepen and nurture your love if you’re in a relationship. Rose quartz can be used for deep emotional healing and release.


Price is per stone.

Each stone will vary in size and color due to their natural composition.

Quantity: 1 Stone

Size: approx. 1.25" - 1.75"