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Salty Shaman

Rough Animal Jasper — 1 Stone, Grade “A”

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Metaphysical Properties (as explained by the tribal Shaman in Mexico): Animal Jasper is a stone that comes from sacred tribal lands within Mexico. For centuries they have used this stone as a conduit between humans and animals to strengthen the bond of all living things. It is believed that the power of Animal Jasper has allowed them to coexist peacefully with the animal kingdom, even allowing feral animals living in harmony in close proximity to their village. Animal Jasper works by helping one to connect with their animal totems or power animals.


Price is per stone and includes an information card.

Each stone will vary in size and color due to their natural composition.

Approx. Size 1.25"-1.75"

Quality: Grade “A”

Color: Natural

Quantity: 1 Stone